Abstract Prints

Atom Heart Mother, monotype, 2019, 15″x22″

Echoes, monotype, 2019, 15″x22″

Dark Side of the Moon, monotype, 2019, 15″x22″

Terminal Frost, monotype, 2018, 15″x22″

Lost for Words, monotype, 2018, 15″x22″

Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun, monotype, 2018, 15″x33″

The Final Cut, monotype, 2018, 15″x33″

Astronomy Domine, lithograph, 2019, 22″x30″

Obscured by Clouds, lithograph, 2019, 22″x30″

One of These Days, monotype, 2019, 30″x44″

Shine on You Crazy Diamond, monotype, 2019, 30″x44″

Comfortably Numb, monotype, 2019, 30″x44″