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Colbert Industires

Evan Colbert



Happy Flag, 2002, 19.75"x31", latex on wood assemblage

7-Eleven, 2001, 24"x24", latex on panel

Mesh, 2003, 10.5"x30", mixed mediums on panel

Mastercard, 2000, 24"x34", mixed mediums on panel

El Mundo, 2001, 36"x62", latex on masonite panel

     21 New Colors, 2003, 39"x108", latex and ink on panels

(representative of the ongoing paint-chip series begun in 1996)

98$, 1995, 28"x43", latex and xerox transfer on masonite panels

Salt, 1995, 31"x66", acrylic on canvas

26, 2002, 24" in diameter, latex on panel

Landscape with Numbers, 1996, 18"x24", lithograph on canvas

About 5 Feet, 2000, 8"x30", latex and acrylic on panel